Public Safety

Safer Communities

Safer Communities BrochureThanks to a combination of fully engaged leadership, advanced technology and community and involvement, the streets and neighborhoods of South Bend are enjoying their safest levels in at least 40 years.
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Keeping you, your family and our community safe is a top priority for South Bend's public safety family. Learn more about public safety in South Bend and how we protect your life and property. If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1. If you don't see what you're looking for, use the Search bar above or the Website Feedback button below.

Community Based Police Programs

  • Citizens Police Academy allows local residents a course on learning more about local law enforcement
  • CVOs are volunters who are utilized in traffic protection, traffic related services and local events
  • Crime Stoppers involving citizens in solving felony crimes, involving rewards for fugitive apprehensions anonymously. Call 288-STOP
  • The Explorer Program provides an opportunity for young men and women bewteen the agers of 14 to 20 to experience first-hand how a police department functions.
  • The SBPD Police Athletic League has officers teaching local youth positive interaction through athletics.
  • VIPS volunteers are actively involved in assistance for traffic directions at natural and man-made disasters, large public gatherings, amongst other services.



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Public Safety Employment